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I still wonder why the Lord asked me to go into churches in search for the lost souls instead of the unbelievers outside, but He made it clear that He is dearly interested in the harvest He had, which are lost in the Church. Getting people into the church is not the problem but making them give their lives to Christ genuinely is the mystery… Moreso, many Christians have become wounded soldiers and their weapons of warfare are wasting. 



1. Those that feels disconnected from others in the church – John 8:11

Do you feel like it’s you against the world, and you feel threatened by other people?

2. Those that are falling back into bad habits repeatedly – 1Cor. 10:13

Do you feel that have no purpose here on this planet, and so you engage yourself in bad habits in order to take their mind off the depressing reality of the moment?

3. Those that feel they have nowhere left to turn -  1Peter 5:7

Have you searched within yourselves for solutions to your persistent life challenges, and have even gone to churches far and wide for answers, but still feel stuck in life, without real solution?

4. Those that feel God is not faithful, despite their part being played –Num. 23:19

Do you feel like you have done all that God asked of you and it seems there is no way forward or improvement in your life?

5. Those that feel that they are unable to attain their desired goal through honest means - 2Cor. 4:8-10

Have you come to accept that you cannot become prosperous without cutting corners or that you cannot become wealthy with biblical principles? Do you have a position that you are striving to attain and it seems difficult without being manipulative?




Perhaps you find these MISSION necessary for the church of the Lord under your leadership, and you are led by the spirit of God to invite our team, we are fully prepared to accept your invitation WITHOUT CHARGE at any time soon. I congratulate you and the CHURCH on your way to God’s kingdom. May the peace of God that passeth all understanding keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Phil. 4:7

You are also free to give us a topic or insight, as the Holy Spirit leads you if what you felt you need more to listed above.

We are fit through the help of Holy Spirit to minister to attend your seminar, revival, vigils or Sunday service. Ministering to the Church at large,

With a humble heart we appreciate you for studying this proposal up to this page, we pray the spirit of God will continue to lead you aright in Jesus name. Amen.

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