Thus says the Lord,

Month of NOVEMBER shall be

Shining of LIGHT where the DARKNESS is REIGNING.

John 1:5

It is no news anymore that the thick darkness have over shadowed the men of this world. The business of the darkness is fast developing using satanic devices that are not easily understood by the people so called the light of the world. It is a pity that many who once had light have been curtailed by the calamities and troubles from the kingdom of darkness. I have been sent to encourage you that the activities of the darkness have ended in your life this month…IJN

Let’s pray…

1. When the light shall come,

Luke 8:17 For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open

Every satanic agenda concealed away from the knowledge of my family, let the light of God reveal it now by fire IJN… Pray…


2. Numbers 22: 21-33

When the light shall come, Every Balaam shall be double crossed and their hidden works of iniquity will be overturned by His messenger.

 I stop them by fire of Holy Ghost any powerful man be it prophet, pastor, herbalist, Islamic priest that has been assigned to curse and destroy my life from flourishing  IJN. PRAY…


3. Luke 4:33-35

When the light shall come, every unclean spirit will be thrown out of their hidden closet.

Every satanic spirit, be it sickness, poverty, barrenness, limitation tormenting my life, I declare total vacation from my body by fire IJN PRAY…


4. Acts 9:1-6

When the light shall come, every evil assignment of death approaching me shall be stopped.

Therefore, I rain brimstone of fire upon every satanic messenger that has been assigned to kill me and my family before the end of this year IJN. PRAY…


5. Esther 2:21-23

When the light shall come, It shall reveal every conspiracy that has been perfected in the kingdom of the darkness.


Therefore, I declare death by hanging onto every determined enemy in my father’s house, school, work, church, environment and among my friends scheduling to lay hands of death upon me


6. Gen. 1:2-4

When the light shall come, every activity of the darkness upon your endeavours shall disappear.


Therefore, I release the consuming fire of God upon every satanic attackers causing failure upon my business, education, marriage and family IJN. PRAY…


7. John 8:12

When the light shall come, you shall no longer walk in darkness of life.


I declare and approve the light of God to appear on my dark ways, I will not fail, make mistakes and stumble my feet against satanic stones of life again IJN. PRAY…

Finally folks, Sometimes in life we ourselves are the agent of darkness because we are yet to surrender our life to the light, (Christ). The world is under the attack of the darkness Rev. 12:17 and anyone who will work successfully in it must bear the light. I pray your light will not be quenched by the wind and water of the darkness IJN.

Keep believing and praying, the Light is coming for your help. Psalm 27

God bless you, Happy New Month!

Rev. Dami Paul



Psalm 126:5


Psalm 126:5

Once have I spoken twice have I heard that power belongs to the Lord. Psalm 62:11

The Lord has promised to dry up the bitter source of tears by His fire. It is on earth that water quenches fire but when fire is released from heaven, it drys up water.
1Kings 18:38

Not every tears shows on the face, many of them are overflowing in the heart. Pray as God answers...

1. 1Samuel 1:10
Hanna could no longer speak to any man about her childlessness not even the prophet Eli...

Every bitter tears that I cannot speak of anymore will dry up by fire IJN...

2. 1 Chro. 4:10
Jabez wept bitterly for blessing enlargment and God dried up the tears of poverty in his life.

I declare total dryness upon every source springing out poverty for my life IJN...

3. 1Samuel 30:4
David and his host wept bitterly for their lost properties

Every power, stars and glory that have been stolen from my life. I recover them by fire and I weep no more IJN. ...

4. John 11:33
Mary and Matha wept for the death of Lazarus their brother but Jesus dried up the source of their tears.

I command every dead glory in my life causing me to shed tears every time to receive life now IJN...

5. Gen. 21:16-17
Hagar and Ishmael wept bitterly for survival and God sent His angel to rescue them.

Lord release my angel of help to rescue me from my helpless situation that made me cry without end. IJN ...

6. Gen. 27:38
Esau wept bitterly because there was no blessing left for him but God broke the Yoke and he was blessed.

Every curse that became a heavy yoke upon me causing me to labour and weep. I destroy them by fire of Holy Ghost IJN

Luke 19:41
Christ wept and He is still weeping for the lost souls. One day his source of tears will dry up after He has taken His beloved and the rest will shed tears without end.

I pray i will be rapturable and will not be among those that will  shed unending tears IJN.


Happy New Month once again.




What a Gracious God
He led me to tell you that in the Month of August He will work out
VICTORY from your little POWER
in Holy Spirit.
Zechariah 4:6-9

The truth remains that no one can actually tell if you have big power or small power, it is the level of your faith that confirms it for you. Brethren, this is an avenue to use your little faith as small as mustard seed to conquer a battle as big as a mountain.

Just maintain the little fire, That's all. This grace is not available every time considering Eph. 6:11, which requires that you put on the whole armour of God... But for His mercies this month, little armour will work for those that believe in Psalm 121

Many are dieing under the fear of witchcraft terror today because they thought their little faith cannot produce victory through persistent prayers. Unfortunately, they have sorted for more powers, strength and faith from unknown source to get their victory.

May I shock you by saying if you disregard your little faith and to seek other powers, you will end up with no power left in you and you will be subjected under powers that you ran to be it herbalist, prophets, Alfas, witches, witzards, familiar spirit etc.

Get victory from this declarations

1. 1Sam 17:38-40
If David does not require the big weapons of Saul to conquer Goliath. Rather he used his little five stones and a sling. I declare the battle between me and my adversaries to comence for my victory by fire IJN

2. Esther 2:15
If queen Esther does not require the painting or charm of the beaticians to become the queen. Rather she used the favour of God. I declare myself victorious by fire as from today over every situation of failure IJN

3. Luke 8:43-44
 If the woman with the issue of blood no longer require the physicians to cure her rather she only had to touch the smallest part of Jesus garment to get healed. I declare my victory over every long time battle by fire IJN

4. 1Samuel 1:9-18
 If Hannah does  not require the intervention of Prophet Eli at first to get her son, rather she knelt down to use her soundless talk. I declare that my victory over barrenness is certain IJN

5. Mark 5:1-19
If the mad man at Gardarene does not require any faith to get healed because he was not conscious of his actiions. I declare total termination to every spiritual satanic activities going on in my remembered and unremembered dreams IJN

Another truth is that God does not require your big faith before He wins your battle, little faith is enough for without it you cannot please God. Heb. 11:6
Search more from the scripture and see that not everyone that got victory in the bible requires great faith or possess great powers.
God bless you richly this month. Amen

Rev. Dami Paul