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Life is full of challenges for everyone and if you fail to face yours, you will remain an optimist forever, wishing that you succeed or success will come one day. But forgetting that nothing changes with the passing away of time, unless you decide to DO SOMETHING when the time is passing away, that is when changes occurs.

"Nothing changes with the passing away of time,

unless you decide to DO SOMETHING when the time is passing away, that is when changes occurs"

The truth is everybody wants to succeed and those that have succeeded want to remain successful, but not all success is successful until the owner stops asking for more. You will see the rich man wanting to make more money and the poor man aspiring to breakthrough, and when they get it, they still set out for more. So, when can we say a man is successful because I will define success as the final result of a challenge that brings joy and no more sorrow. But when the so called successful person is still striving for more, then you will agree with me that they are not yet successful and they cannot be called a success.

Until you reach your final destination you cannot be welcomed properly, anyone that welcomes you on the way is mistaken, so don’t feel too relax, you should know that you are still getting on. Until death closes one’s eyes one day and the Angels of God welcomes you into eternal life, which is the kingdom of God, you cannot be termed success. If you happen to make all kind of riches, made lots of impact on this planet earth and people spoke well about you even after your death and the Angels didn’t welcome you well, hmmmm! Well I would say you succeeded but your success is not successful and that is not good at all. Remember (what shall it profit a man that gains the whole world and eventually lost his soul, what shall he use for the exchange of His soul).

"Until you strive no more for success,

your success is not yet successful"

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 Chapter One


This success of a thing brings me back to those clamouring for solutions to their problematic situation every day. Many businesses, visions, dreams, homes, investments etc  are dying every day and the owners are in a very deep sorrow while searching for instant and permanent solution. Solution offers are everywhere but the guarantee that they will work, last or will not cause more problems is the fear behind them. Nobody know the right person to meet, Mr. Trust is gone too soon and no one seems to understand that you tried to hold down the success but you just couldn’t help it.


Whatever the situation you find yourself, I want to congratulate you that God is ever ready to join you in your situation, if you are will to allow Him today. What you need to first understand is that your bad situation did not just appear in one day, it started from somewhere and it is heading somewhere. Where it might be heading to is what you can’t imagine and you are very much concern about it now, because you don’t want to crash and become a poor person again in your life. Well, I congratulate you once again, because God is still in the business of renewing destiny.


God made everyone and has destined us to fulfil a purpose in life but Satan and his host are very much active causing delays, stagnancy, obstacles, denials, obstruction, even death, just to stop people from manifesting. That is what Satan has chosen to do since he was cast into the earth and when Adam and Eve also sinned in the garden of Eden and they were sent out into the earth, we as their offspring had  to contend with the angry satanic dragon. So your challenges are normal, they must come whether you are a Christian or not. Though real Christians are more prone to the Satanic attack but they usually overcome by the blood of the lamb and the words of their testimony. This means if you are not a true Christian, you are too vulnerable to be attacked and will be overcome soon.


A person without Christ and flourishing is more or less like a chick that is being fed from January and in December the owner kills it for Christmas, when it has become a full grown chicken. So the devil can keep and help you succeeding until it is time to finish you, because he would have shifted your entire life away from God who can save you from his torment. So watch out who is guiding you spiritually, where are you getting your wisdom from? Because if you think you can success on your own with your wisdom, I tell you Satan is very much in action in your life unaware. Whether you invited him or not, he is a thieve and he breaks into any body that has no Christ. Jesus doesn’t do that, even though he has the ultimate power to. Instead, He will seek your consent and you will give him permission to or not to come into your life.


Brethren, the choice is yours but mind you, you cannot sit on the fence. It is either you have  Jesus or Satan takes over your life, there is nothing like “I am neutral, I don’t do religion” Get this right, having Jesus in your life is not a matter of religion, He never establish any religion or church denomination when he came, more so, Christianity is not a religion, it was the people that called the Apostles of Jesus Christ Christians at first in Antioch because they were talking and doing what Christ Jesus their master did and thought them. Jesus came to show us the way, the truth and the life that links us back to our creator (God). So if you believe in Him and follow Him, you are as successful as you can ever imagine.

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Surviving Grace
Security Measures for youth